1st Birthday Party

I find myself amazed that we are coming up on Little B's 2nd birthday. As I started thinking about how we'll celebrate his big day (basketball theme, for sure) I thought back on his 1st birthday party a year ago. He shares his birthday with his cousin (they were born on the same day, 6 hours apart) and we had a joint party to eliminate the need for family to suffer through 2 rounds of cake-smashing and present-opening. We settled on a dog theme. Dog was B's first word, and his cousin loves them just as much.

We hosted the party in our back yard, but supplied a few water play tables to keep the kids cool. Late June in Memphis can be brutally hot, and this day was no exception. I just wish we'd accounted for the flies. We set up the cutest buffet table outside, but almost immediately had to move all the food upstairs to our screened-in porch due to the most insane amount of flies one has ever seen. Oh well. No one seemed to notice or care, especially the birthday boys! I just wish I'd gotten a picture of it before we had to tear it down - it really was cute.

Here are a few of the details from the day.

Welcome to the party!

 Family & friends hanging out in the back yard.

The presents!

The cute smash cakes: one for each birthday boy!

Can't wait to share photos from B's 2nd birthday party in a couple months! He's obsessed with basketball, and I'm working on some details that he's going to love!


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