I'm the worst blogger ever...

Actually, I'm a great blogger over at my business blog. It's this blogging-for-fun thing that I suck at. That being said, I've missed keeping up with this blog and hope to make up for my absence.

Where to begin? It's been several months since I updated ya'll and I have some big news! As I alluded to above, I have started my own business! Back in April, I quit my job to go off on my own as a marketing consultant for surgeons. Needless to say, I have been beyond busy getting my business up and running, but it has been so worth it. Best thing about being my own boss? The ability to work from home and hang out with Little B all day. I am able to maintain a career (one that I love) while also getting to be a stay at home momma.

Yeah, I miss the steady paycheck that was magically deposited into my checking account every two weeks. And I miss the 401k contributions that my company matched. But I don't miss dropping my baby boy off at daycare every morning and picking him up at dinner time - and that's just when I was in town!

My days are insane. Little B is almost 15 months now (I know - crazy, right?) and he's into EVERYTHING. When I'm not busy keeping him fed, diapered, engaged and happy I'm able to do some work, fire off some emails, etc.. At nap time I'm pretty much glued to my laptop. Occasionally I have to catch up on work after B's in bed, but I try to reserve that time to hang out with the Hubs. Housework never seems to get done - I consider it a success if I can squeeze in a load of laundry so that my kid doesn't have to run around naked because all his clothes are dirty. Fortunately, it's hot here in Memphis, so a naked baby running around isn't all that alarming. I guess now that the weather is cooling off I'll have to make B's laundry a higher priority.

Alas, despite the insanity, I've still managed to stay healthy and fit and am raising a happy, healthy little guy, too... and I have lots of fun things to share with ya'll! Stay tuned for more of the recipes, fitness tips, and fun extras that you know you love!


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