Sneak Peek - Bumbleride Indie Natural Edition

The best stroller on earth just got better.

We have loved our Bumbleride Indie stroller from day one. We chose it because it functions as both an everyday "snap n' go" stroller (with our Chicco car seat) and a jogging stroller, eliminating the need to spend boat loads of money on 2 strollers. It's bigger than your average umbrella stroller, but smaller than a Bob, so it truly does double-duty. Also, it looks really badass and I get compliments everywhere I go. Who doesn't want to look badass when they're out and about with the little one?

I started walking with Little B in our Bumbleride about 1 week after he was born, and haven't stopped since. I owe my post-preggo weight loss to two things. One - my Bumbleride Indie. Two - breastfeeding. Seriously. Gotta give credit where credit is due.

And now Bumbleride has really outdone themselves. I introduce to you the Bumbleride Indie Natural Edition! Yummy! It has the same amazing design as the original, but features luxurious and eco-friendly recycled and bamboo fabrics. Bamboo is moisture-absorbing and temperature regulating (perfect for those summer runs where we ALL end up sweaty and gross), and it naturally inhibits the growth of bacteria. This is a plus, because Little B chews on the shoulder restraints and I really don't want to know what kind of nastiness is growing on there.

Here's the Bumbleride Indie Natural Edition in all it's glory. Get one, get out there, and get moving, Mama!

Natural Edition

Available for pre-order NOW! For a retailer in your area, click here:


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